French Manicure Nails

Manicures are essential if you want to have lovely looking nails. It’s no secret that our nails are put under a lot of stress every day. We might bite them, scrape them against things, or just generally do stuff that makes them look bad. With a manicure, we can shape them up and get them looking perfect once more.
Amongst all the manicure options out there, French manicured nails are one of the most desirable. If you’ve heard about them but don’t really know what they are, then this is the perfect article for you. Below, we’ll look at everything there is to know about French Manicure Nails.

The History Of French Manicure Nails

It’s always fun to look at the history behind every nail trend out there. However, French manicured nails have perhaps the best history, as we’re all wondering how it got its name. Are French manicured nails actually French? Needless to say, there are so many debates on this topic with loads of people claiming the rights to ‘inventing’ this style. There are some people over in France

What Are French Manicure Nails?

Okay, what exactly are French manicure nails, and what makes them different from any other manicure style?
In truth, French manicure nails are extremely plain and very basic. I don’t mean basic in a derogatory sense, I just mean there’s not a lot to them when you look at these nails. But, that’s the whole point of the style. They’re supposed to make your nails look incredibly well polished and natural. There are no crazy colors, designs, or long false nails here. Everything is very clean, perfectly shaped, and minimalist.
So, you can see why there’s a lot of confusion as to when this trend actually started. It’s hard to pinpoint at what time people started wearing natural nails! If it’s something like painted nails, then it’s easier to figure out. Having explained what the style is

French Manicure Nail Tips

If you want the best looking manicure, it pays to go to a professional salon. Here, you’ll have an expert look after your nails and make sure they come out perfectly. But, if you do want to do things at home, here are a few top tips:

Shape Your Nails

It’s no use getting a French manicure if your nails are gnarly and gross. Before you do anything, you should prepare and shape your nails. Get your filer out and ensure they’re all evenly shaped, and you’ve smoothed the edges. I’d also recommend you grow your nails out if you want to achieve this look. Make sure there’s a bit of natural whiteness at the tip already, this will help you when you’re applying the polish.
Along with this I suggest pushing your cuticles back, so you create more space on the nail and the clear polish can be applied a lot easier. To do this you just need a Q-tip, it’s not that hard.

Purchase Some Nail Guides, Apply A Top Coat

Advantages Of French Manicure Nails

On the face of it, there doesn’t seem to be many advantages of French manicure nails. After all, they’re an incredibly simple look, and there’s not much to them.
But, this in itself is a massive pro. The fact they make your nails look natural means you can wear them with almost any style you want. They’re ideal for going to work if you want to look professional and stylish. They’re perfect when you’re going out for coffee in your sweatpants and hoody trying to be chilled and relaxed. French manicure nails are unique in that anyone can wear them at any time, anywhere. No other nails can claim this!
Not only that, but they don’t really do anything severely harmful to your nails. You’re not applying thick layers or acrylic polish or putting them under UV lights, it’s all very safe and simple. In essence, what makes French manicure nails great is that

Top 20 French Manicure Nails

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Basic French Tip Nails
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Metallic French Nails
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