Having explained what the style is..

It makes sense to talk about the actual process of applying French manicure nails. While the look itself may be extremely classic and look like hardly any effort was involved, this isn’t the case for the application. Granted, there are only really two things that need to be done, but they’re difficult!

You need two types of polish, one that’s white and one that’s a clear color similar to that of your nail. Then, you apply the clear polish to your entire nail, and let it dry. When this is done, you have the trickiest part, painting the white polish across the tip of your nail. It needs to be perfectly straight if you want the best look.
When all this is completed, you’ll have a clean looking nail with a lovely white strip across to give a very natural finish. If you don’t have a steady hand, this is going to be hard for you to do!
Unlike some other manicure styles, you can do this one at home. There are no crazy tools you need, just a basic array of nail products. Of course, you can always go to a salon if you want a professional touch, but some people like to save money. Additional matte nails on MsMee's Matte Nail Collection
August 31, 2017