Purchase Some Nail Guides

As mentioned, painting the tip is the hardest part as it needs to be perfectly aligned. To do this, you should buy some nail guides. These are small strips of paper you place over your nails to ensure you paint the tip perfectly.
You place them below where you want the white polish to go, and should paint from the paper guide to the end of the tip. Any mistakes will end up on the paper instead of your nail, leading to the perfect look.

Apply A Top Coat

For the perfect French manicure nails, you need to apply a top coat at the end. This gives them some extra gloss and shine, making your nails look exceptionally clean
Doing this is easy as everyone has probably applied a top coat before. My one piece of advice is to wait until your nails are fully dried. There’s no point rushing things because top coat applied to a slightly wet nail will only end in messiness. Additional almond nails on Ms Mee
August 31, 2017